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Congrats, you are engaged!

And now, planning your wedding is without a doubt an extremely adventurous time of your life. Like in a roller coaster, your emotions can alternate at any moment. Enthusiasm, happiness, stress, confidence all in a few hours.

What if I tell you there is a way of taking a step back from the wedding planning process and just enjoy yourselves? This is probably the main reason why wedding and engagement photographers recommend engagement sessions for their clients, but there are many more!

Let's get started!

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Engagement Photography Session : Getting to Know your Photographer

A genuine bond with your photographer will make the wedding day (and your wedding pictures) even more ideal. To create images that actually reflect you and your relationship, it is necessary that they know you on a deeper level.

You can meet them at their studio or ask all of your questions through phone calls or Zoom meetings, but always make sure to bring up all your concerns, your doubts, and feel comfortable!

The getting ready process, the ceremony, the first look, moments at the party :They will probably be the people you’ll spend most of the time with! For that reason, before choosing who is going to do the job, pay attention to their style, personality and how you feel around them.

As professionals, it is our mission to create a great atmosphere, and that you are confident and relaxed at every second of the process.


Main Uses of the Engagement Photos

Imagine your guests entering the party hall, thinking about you as a couple and your story, maybe wishing they knew more details about your relationship.

Placing your engagement photos around the reception area would be an excellent way to welcome them to the celebration. Using them as Save the date cards or Guest-sign in books are other choices that will allow you to share these personal memories with your family and friends.

Capture ‘Real Moments’ of Your Relationship

Most of us are used to posing for fun snaps for chats or Instagram accounts. However, capturing the joy and spontaneity, the complicity and the connection with your partner, is a delicate job that is worth showing through the lens of a professional.

It is the real you! Imagine yourself in a relaxed environment, showing the world one of the sweetest and idyllic times of the relationship.

Get ready to have a collection of pictures that gets the best out of the light, moments and expressions, no Instagram and web filters. This time it is your photographer who takes over.

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Engagement Sessions Are a Fantastic Way to Gain Experience in front of the Camera!

Pre-wedding shoot will be the best rehearsal you can have before the big day. Knowing the dynamic of a photo shoot, getting used to expressing your feelings and emotions in the presence of other people, recognizing the best angles and your more natural looks are just some numerous advantages of being part of a session.

Allow yourself to be creative, have fun, come up with ideas, communicate your doubts and above all, be yourself!

In the session, you don’t have to worry about the details. -What should I wear? Is it necessary to bring props? The professionals and their staff are going to take care of everything and be a great value to help you loosen up and look amazing.

Document Your Own Love Story

Did it all start on a blind date? Where ? Or maybe you are middle school sweethearts. A long distance relationship was the beginning of everything? Your story is an important part of the session.

Choosing a location that is meaningful for you, having the shooting at a time of the day that represents both of you in some way, or sharing objects that reflect your personality, hobbies, or even professions are ways of registering the highlights of your story.

They are timeless images that you're going to treasure forever!

utah engagement session photographer


When to Take Your Engagement Photos

If you’re planning to use these photos for save-the-dates, you need to book a session several months or more in advance. It is always better to start engagement photo sessions during the warmer months of the year, avoiding the heat of midsummer and freezing cold and bare trees in winter.

Remember your photographer is part of your team! An engagement session is not there to overload your crazy schedule or add more stress to those frantic pre-wedding months. Its goal is to make you feel more confident and prepared for your wedding day, documenting those hours that will always be among your most special memories.


You can visit my website to find out more about photography sessions or contact me to book yours!


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See ya behind the lens!

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