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Wedding First Look Pictures: Pros and Cons


wedding first look pictures

Planning weddings can feel rushed.

It important to take time to enjoy everything about your wedding!

A First Look Photoshoot can help capture these special moments.

It is also a great opportunity to try out a photographer before your big day.

This is a list of all the pros and cons of doing a First Look.

Let's get started!


What is a First Look Photoshoot?

utah wedding first look

A First Look Photoshoot is where the couple see each other in their wedding attire for the first time. This allows the people to have a special moment together before the craziness of the wedding day. This photoshoot is either done a week or two before the wedding or the morning of the wedding day. Some still believe it is bad luck to see each other before the wedding. That is why some would rather capture the First Look the morning of the wedding day. These photos include candid and static photos. Also, the gallery usually includes singles of both people in the couple. These photoshoots can be in any chosen location. However, usually they are taken outside up in the mountains, in a garden, in a grassy field, etc. It can be a similar location to where you do your engagements. Some take their First Look Photos at their venue as well. Venues include hotels, temples, churches, fancy rooms, etc.


Pros of Having a First Look Photoshoot

draper temple first look

  • Special photos of you and your partner.

  • Spending extra time together to celebrate your wedding.

  • Assurance of having good photos of both of you in your wedding attire.

  • Capturing those special moments of seeing each other on your wedding day for the first time.

  • It'a great opportunity to go to a fun location to take photos.

  • Wedding days can be crazy and very busy. Taking couple photos beforehand can make it less stressful.

  • Assured great photos for you instagram, home, and album book.

  • Good opportunity to see if you actually like your photographer, and be stress free about them on your wedding day.


Cons of Having a First Look Photos Session

  • Some like their first moment of seeing each other during the ceremony.

  • It does take planning.

  • Any extra session usually does cost extra. Many wedding packages can bundle it for you though.

  • You may have to buy a different bouquet for the First Look if it is on a different day than the wedding.


Conclusion of First Look Sessions

utah wedding photographer

Overall most couples do NOT regret doing a First Look Photo Session. It is a chance to go somewhere beautiful and focus on each other. These photos will be treasure for generations to come.

See ya behind the lens! :)

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