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Tips for Wedding Photographers: How to Work with the Wedding Videographer


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Have you ever gotten frustrated with the wedding videographer?

Were they too controlling or didn't care at all?

Yeah, I've been there.

Wedding Photographers, don't you worry, I gotch your back!

Like with any co-worker, you need to get the job done and have fun...

without wanting to rip each other's throats out.


Here's a guide that will help you work more effectively with your wedding videographer.

Let's get started!


Wedding Photographer Tips: How to Work with your Assigned Videographer

Most wedding couples are getting both wedding photographers and videographers for their weddings. These packages are offered by multiple wedding companies.

Tip #1: Be up front with your wedding videographer at THE BEGINNING

A lot of times, the miscommunication comes from not communicating. I know. Mind blowing.

As soon as you arrive to the venue, or even beforehand, introduce yourself to the videographer. Say something along the lines of "hey, I understand the video is really important to the couple, so if I am ever in your shot just let me know and I can step out." Usually, that signals to the videographer that you think their job is important and then they will give you that respect as well.

My mom always taught, "you have to be interested, to be interesting."

In other words, it can not be all about you. You work as a team. Ask them questions and give them compliments. No one wants to work with someone who is just bossy. That is not professional. Remember to say thank you frequently and ask if they are getting the shots they need. Kind and respectful is the way.

Also make sure that all the guests known who is photographer and who is the videographer. This is very important, because some guests will be looking at the videographers camera, which we do not want.

Tip #2: Be friends, but not TOO friendly

There is a lot of wait time at weddings. That is just part of the game. Guests are constantly watching you, so you want to look professional. Talking to the wedding videographer all night long and not doing your job is not acceptable. There are times to chat and times to work. During your lunch break, or during a wait periods you can chat. This is a good time to bond and create trust with one another. I try to talk about marketing tips or camera equipment during this time. An incredibly talented videographer, Alex Pizzaro, has taught me so much about the wedding photography world, just because I asked. This helps the videographer know you are serious and take their ideas seriously. Also, this is a great way to create networking with other people in your craft.

wedding videographer, Utah wedding videographer
Alex Pizzaro: Wedding Videographer

During family photos or the ceremony are NOT times to sit and chat. Those are work times. If a videographer is talking to you during those times, shut it down immediately. You do not have to be rude about it though. You can say something like, "okay it's time to capture, I will be over there."

When you are taking photos of the bridal party or just the couple, it is a good time to make jokes with the videographer. This allows the bridal party to give you genuine smiles and laughs. It also lets them know you are a fun photographer and videographer. That you actually like your job. No one likes grumpy photographers and videographers.

Tip #3: When to take action

Traditionally, the wedding photographer it in charge of directing the poses for family photos and couple photos. Wedding photography shot lists can help you with that. However, the videographer does have the right to tweak the poses or add on to make the pose more applicable to video. For instance, a big group family shot has no movement. Movement is needed for videos. So usually the videographer will say, "okay, stay where you are, and on the count of three every cheer for the newly married couple." As you bounce off each other like this, you will work better together.

Most of the day is a videographer follows the photographer, except for dancing. It is essential to get those first dance shots. These are things like daddy daughter, mother father, and couples first dance. Before the dances begin, let the videographer know you will follow them. If you do not, you will get the videographer in your shots. Videographers like to go around the couple dancing in a circle and get these very dynamic shots that really make a video. So, just so you don't get in there way you just follow the videographer. Trust me, you will still get great shots.


Overall, just be courteous, respectful, and professional, and you will have the videographer being your best friend. You will do great!

Take care, and see ya behind the lens!

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