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10 Best Utah Engagement Photo Locations

utah engagement photo locations

Congratulations on your engagement! :)

The best thing to do right now is to start planning your engagement photo session.

Many of photographer's schedules fill up quick, so it is good to decide on your location beforehand.

But guess what?

Utah has NO shortage of beautiful locations. You have a lot of great options!

Here is a list of the 10 best Utah engagement photo locations with some special tips and tricks.

Let's get started!


Utah Engagement Location #10: ANTELOPE ISLAND

Antelope Island has a similar feel to the Salt Flats. However, if you go to Lady Finger you can get those nice textured rocks. It is one of the more popular Utah engagement photo locations. You can also walk to the water from there. It is a location that makes beautiful photos, however you have to be careful what time of year you go there because in the summer there are a lot of bugs. Also, the area is quite flat, so the sun will set later than it would in the mountains. In other words, golden hour is later that it would be in other parts of Utah. It does usually cost to get into the park. Some photography companies will pay that fee though.

antelope island engagement photo
Makenzi Starr Photo: Antelope Island

Utah Engagement Location #9: PROVO ORCHARDS

The Provo Orchards are really quite magical. It is easy to get them and you can park right on the road for free. When I went there, there were about a dozen deer just frolicking in the trees. The best time to go is during the summer, spring, or fall. However, I have taken winter photos there and it made some beautiful photos.

Provo orchards engagement photo
Makenzi Starr Photo: Provo Orchards

Utah Engagement Location #8: UTAH LAKE

Utah Lake is a great place to go during the winter, because the ice piles up and makes some interesting formations. I have taken summer photos here and they turn out to look more like an Antelope Island kind of feel photo with the mountains and flat plains. The sky at golden hour here is absolutely breathing-taking. Sometimes it will turn a pink/purple color. You do need to be careful during the summer though, because there tends to be more bugs. It is good to check the weather before going.

Utah lake engagement photo
Makenzi Starr Photo: Utah Lake

Utah Engagement Location #7: COTTONWOOD CANYON

Cottonwood Canyon is great for those who just want green trees. It gives a very simple, green background. It is great for all seasons. It is quite a drive, but there are locations you can go to where you do not have to pay.

cottonwood canyon engagement photo
Makenzi Starr Photo: Cottonwood Canyon

Utah Engagement Location #6: OLD SINCLAIR, ELBERTA

This is a newer location I have found, and fell in love with it! It's about a 30 min drive from Provo, but is completely free. It has an old, rock vibe, which can be great for some couples. It also a variety of cars you can stay and sit by.

Utah engagement session photo
Makenzi Starr Photo: Old Sinclair

Utah Engagement Location #5: SILVER LAKE

Silver lake is gorgeous and it is less busy that Tibble Fork. However, it is much harder to get too. You continue on the road past Tibble Fork which turns into a skinny dirt road. My car got scratched on the side from how close the trees where to the road. If you can get up there it is absolutely gorgeous. It is also free.

Utah couple, engagement photo session
Makenzi Starr Photo: Silver Lake

Utah Engagement Location #4: Cascade Springs

This is a real hidden gem. Or at least, I did not know about it for the longest time. It's up the mountains in Midway. It is a place with a series of different paths you can take. There are waterfalls, bridges, trees, benches, and ponds. Best time to go is during the fall, but honestly you can go anytime of the year and it is really beautiful. It may be harder to get around when there is snow though.

cascade springs engagement session photos
Makenzi Starr Photo: Cascade Springs

Utah Engagement Location #3: SUNDANCE

Sundance is one of my favorite locations because you are so close to come gorgeous mountains. There is also a variety in trees: pine and aspen. It has a meadow, a path, an amphitheater, and a bridge. This can make for some diverse photos while just going to one location. On busy weekends you do have to pay to park in the parking lot, but you have avoid paying by just parking on the road. Most of the times I have gone, I have not had to pay and still parked in the parking lot though. This location is good any time of the year. However, in the spring the snow can be slushing, making it hard to walk on. Best time to go is during the fall, because all the leaves are changing colors.

Sundance, Utah engagement photographer
Makenzi Starr Photo: Sundance

Utah Engagement Location #2: BONNEVILLE SALT FLATS

Everyone LOVES the flats! It just gives that clean, slick background. You do not have to pay to get into the parking lot. You can even drive across the flats in some cars. Some cars can get stuck if they do not have good traction. There is a bathroom you can use there to change. It does not smell the best, but it is there. Right before or after golden hour the sky can turn a pink/purple color. The mountains are also beautiful at this location. It is quite a drive out there in the middle of nowhere, but it does make for some iconic photos.

Utah engagement photo session, salt flats
Makenzi Starr Photo: Salt Flats

Utah Engagement Location #1: TIBBLE FORK

Tibble Fork is my most requested location as a photographer. I've been there dozens of times, and know it like the back of my hand. The main thing I can say about it, is it is busy! Almost every time I have gone, there has been over 20 other people taking photos. It really isn't a big issue because I can photoshop photo-bombers out, but it is a good thing to keep in mind. It is free, but is quite a drive up there. The whole drive is paved and is actually quite beautiful. If you can go to this location on a weekday that is probably best. Golden hour happens a bit earlier than expected because the mountains are so tall in at this location.

utah engagement session, couple hand in hand
Makenzi Starr Photo: Tibble Fork


Remember to book those engagement session as soon as you can!

We'll see ya behind the lens!

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