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What are the Average Prices for Wedding Photography?

Updated: Feb 7, 2022


A simple question that's actually pretty complicated to answer. Here, it’s made simple.

This is a quick guide to wedding photography prices, so you know when you’re being overcharged.


outdoor first look photo

Before looking at the pricing graph, it is important to consider these items. These may seem silly, but it's necessary to see if you like the photographer's work! Photos can be expensive, and you want to be sure that you are putting your money with a person you trust. When you do the research on them and you put your trust in them, things will run a lot smoother during a shoot.

  1. Look at quality and experience. It is important to have a lot of experience but not too much that they are outdated. Timeless is different from outdated. If footage has poor resolution or it appears that their equipment is old, then you do not want to hire them.

  2. Look at a full gallery. Some photographers just show their best work on their Instagram. Make sure you know exactly what you are going to receive. Make sure to look at their indoor shots if you plan on having an indoor reception. Low lighting can make or break a photographer. Make sure they have a flash if you want an indoor reception.

  3. Pay attention to their editing. Are they using more warm tones or cooler tones? Does it look like they are spending time on their editing? Do you generally like their work? Take note, you won’t like every single one of their photos, especially if you look at a full gallery. However, if you like the general feel of their photos, you are in good hands.

engagement photo by makenzi starr

Note that photographers & videographers who advertise through Instagram are usually more expensive than those who advertise through Facebook or Google Ads. However, it is easier to see their brand, their style, their experience, etc. through Instagram.

*Below is just a range that is a good rule of thumb to follow. Some photographers will bundle and make packages which will result in discounts, and some will charge more. Make sure their experience and quality matches their pricing. In the end this is a good chart to come back to, so you are able to see if you are being taken advantage of. Make sure you know these with a contract before you give anyone any money.

If you have any questions while looking at different pricing feel free to contact me with questions.



  • Session Pricing

*Key Terms

Engagements: Refers to photos taken of both partners who plan to get married. Photos are usually used for invitations for their wedding. Videographers are usually not invited to this session.

First Look: Refers to both partners being present in their wedding attire. This is usually the first time that they see each other in their wedding attire. Videographers and photographers are typically both invited to this session.

Bridals: Refers to just photos of the bride. Videographers usually are not invited. Sometimes this term is interchangeably used with a “first look” session. Good to clarify when scheduling a booking.


Length of Session

Gallery Size



45-60 min

75-150 Photos


First Look

60-90 min

100-200 Photos



30-60 min

50-150 Photos



  • Wedding Day Pricing

Most photographers charge based on hours, travel, and bridal party size. The bridal party usually indicates how large the party will be. The more people that they have to work with the more it will cost. Usually travel is based on a system like $0.50 per mile, a plane ticket cost, and/or a hotel fee. With gas prices rising, you may see an increase to this pricing. Do the research though and do not let them overcharge you for travel.

For hours, you can plan for about $200-$500 per hour. This gets tricky, because does rest and waiting time count towards those hours? It depends on each photographer. Usually a photographer will talk with you, get a feel for how many hours they will be there for, how many photos they will edit, and how long it will take them to edit everything for you. For example, you will tell them your wedding outline and they will say “cool, that will cost $1,500.” Most will not explain the hourly range to you. So you will have to do the math. Make sure it makes sense for what you are getting in return.

Below is a quick guide of the averages.


Gallery Size


1-2 hours (elopements)

150-250 Photos


4.5 hours

300-500 Photos


6 hours

400-600 Photos


8 hours

500-800 Photos


Now, it is important to remember that these are not set-in-stone amounts. A lot of good photographers will charge a lot less and a lot of average photographers will charge a lot more. This is just a good chart to refer back to, so that you know the averages.

QUESTIONS: If you need someone to talk to about a quote you are receiving from a photographer, feel free to reach out to me through this link below, or email me at

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