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Logan Utah Photographer: Weddings, Family, Headshots, and Product Photography

Makenzi Starr: Logan, Utah Photographer.

Helping families and creators get the best Logan, Utah Photography.

Ever feel stressed about family photos or getting that perfect headshot for you LinkedIn?

Don't worry, I gotch you!

And the best part?

It is close to home! Right here in Logan, Utah.

As easy as a click of a button.

Let me tell you about Makenzi Starr, your local photographer

who can help you with just about everything!


Logan, Utah: Wedding Photographer

Logan temple, Logan wedding photographer
Starr Photography: Logan Temple

Shooting over 30 weddings in the grand state of Utah, Makenzi Starr knows all the tips and tricks for your special day. For example, a lot of Logan winter weddings can be brutally cold. Bringing your hand warmers and blankets can be a real life safer. Only a local photographer knows all the ins and outs of making your wedding day the most enjoyable.

Locations for First Looks, Bridals and Engagement session can be stressful. Only a photographer who has lived in Logan, Utah knows the best places.

Knowing what look/style you want can be difficult to choose. Looking through different example galleries can be helpful.


Logan, Utah: Family Photographer

utah family photographer
Starr Photography: Family Photo

Have you ever left a family photo session with all the kids crying, the husband starving, and feeling more cranky than ever?


But NO worries.

Makenzi Starr has got your back. Quick and easy is what she does best. Even though she can get a rowdy crowd into different poses quickly, it does not mean her photos loose quality. Her photos are still high quality photos. Also, even though some photographers can seem strict and loud during family photos, Makenzi Starr has a kind yet mighty attitude that can help a family feel at ease.

She also captures a variety of static photos (where everyone looks at the camera and smiles) along with some fun candid photos as well.


Logan, Utah: Headshot Photographer

utah headshot photographer
Starr Photography: Headshot

Needing that perfect LinkedIn profile photo? Needing an updated Facebook or Instagram photo?

The real question is: Who doesn't?

Do not be fooled and think headshot photos are easy. It takes careful consideration of lighting and positioning. The perfect photo may take multiple takes with micro adjustments. It is necessary to find someone who knows lighting, specific camera settings, and positioning.

Not to mention, editing for headshots is a balance game. It is important to find that photographer who does not over-edit your face, but still gives you that special glow. For instance, Makenzi Starr will remove most to all ache, but will sometimes keep certain scars or freckles that seem special to the overall appearance of the model.


Logan, Utah: Product Photographer

Utah Product Photographer
Starr Photography: Product Photography

Product photography is tricky because blacks need to look black and whites need to look white. Occasionally this is difficult when bad lighting is used or exposure is done incorrectly. Choose the local who knows best, Makenzi Starr. She has all the equipment and lighting necessarily to make your products looking REAL fine.


If you are in or close to Logan, Makenzi Starr is your gal! ;)

For more example galleries and/or to contact Makenzi Starr Click below.

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