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How to Avoid Awkward Couple Photos

avoiding awkward couple photo
Great Couples Photo by Makenzi Starr

Tips and tricks that will have you smiling and not cringing.


Awkward couple photos are terrible!

They must be avoided at ALL costs.

Want to post that super cute pic of you with your boyfriend or girlfriend?

BUT you feel so AWKWARD?

Here's a few tips and tricks to get you out of those awkward situations.

Let's get started!


Couples Photos: Avoid Awkward Poses

awkward couple photo
Awkward Couple Photo

This is easier said than done sometimes. Here are some specific things to avoid.

  • Avoid placing your hands on top of your partners head and/or elbows.

  • Avoid staring straight into the camera like a serial killer. Instead you can smile at each other or at the camera. If you want more of a serious photo, think more vogue. Tilt chin down slightly and give more of a soft smile (smile without your teeth, but don't go too crazy).

  • Avoid opening your legs too wide. A nice comfortable stand is usually great. You can always shift your weight into one leg as well which will usually make you look skinner, gives more of a casual look, and gives dimension to a simple pose.

  • Avoid hunching over. Relax and make sure shoulders are down and back.

  • If you are doing a dip, the one dipping should not place the hand directly on top of the belly. It makes it look like a weird maternity photo. The hand should be place on the side of the hip of lower back.

  • When doing a classic butt lift shot, the lifter should place arms right under the butt cheeks. Not up on the lower back and not close to the knees.

couple photo by makenzi starr
Correct Butt Lift

  • A good rule of thumb, is if it feel awkward, then go to the next pose. There are PLENTY of poses, and there is no need to force yourself into a particular one.


Couple Photos: Avoid Clashing Outfits

Besides the pose, it's what you wear. I was always taught "Dress for Success." If you do not feel comfortable to begin with, you are not going to feel awkward.

Awkward Matching Outfits Photo

  • First things first, YOU need to feel great in what you are wearing. Your girlfriend should not force you wear something you hate. And vise versa. This does not mean you should dress like a hobo, but it means that you should dress "nice," they way you want to.

  • Don't be too "matchy, matchy." There is no need to wear the same shirt as your partner and your cat. ;) Different colors and patterns can add depth and personality to the photos.

  • Because you are a couple, there needs to be some compromise. If one person is wearing a loud pattern, the other person needs to wear a solid. If one is wearing zebra print, the other should not wear leopard. If one person is wearing navy, you should stay away from black. Browns and blues go together and black and white go together.

  • Usually simpler is better. A lot of photographers will request you wear solid, earth tone colors. This is not necessary, but is a good place to start when planning what to wear.

  • Shoes: Be aware of height. Some men do not like when the girl is taller than them. Some don't mind though. But just be aware of this. If you are close in height, try to go for a flatter shoe instead of a heel.

couple in the mountains
Simple Colors are Best


Overall, feel cute and go have fun! Don't overthink it. Your natural self and love connection is what we are trying to capture.

See ya behind the lens. :)

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