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10 Top Tips for Outdoor Maternity Photoshoot

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

outdoor maternity photoshoot, woman in galaxy maternity dress

The ultimate guide for your outdoor maternity photoshoot.

Your friends & family will be blown away by your stunning maternity photos!

And want to know the best part?

Mom will be the star of the show. As you ought to be.

In short: Pregnancy really is wonderful and beautiful time, but it can also be challenging.

It's time to make new mom's feel as beautiful as they are.

Let's get started!


10 Tips For Your Outdoor Maternity Photoshoot


salt flat maternity photoshoot, couple during a maternity photoshoot

1. Invite your partner and/or child (if applicable) to Outdoor Maternity Photoshoot:

This one is first because it can be the easiest to forget. Trust me, you will regret it if you do not bring them. Plus it does add fun interaction that can make for great candid photos. Even though it is an outdoor maternity photoshoot, it doesn't mean that your family should not be there. Yes, mom is doing all the hard work, but their pregnancy does/will affect the whole family.

2. Best Utah Locations for Outdoor Maternity Photography

3. Pick an outfit that best suits you and the outdoors:

Mom needs to feel like a complete rockstar. In other words, she needs to feel absolutely AMAZING. The dress or outfit should fit your personality.

Remember to pick your location first. Location first and THEN the outfit. I have a list of recommendations below. You do not want to blend into the background. As a result, be careful with patterns and colors. For example if you are going to the sand dunes, you do not want to wear brown or yellow. When in doubt solid colors like black, white, pink, blue are usually safe color to wear.

Here are some other tips and tricks:

  • Long flowy dresses that are fitted around the chest area and have a high slit are great. These can easily be rented through different Instagram users. They emphasize the belly bump and allow you to pop a leg. You can really play around with letting the dress catch in the wind and throwing the dress. For photographers, it's a blank canvas with a mountain of opportunities. The shapes and poses with the leg pop, framing of the belly and a fitted chest can be really fun.

  • Recent Instagram influencers have been going more for a casual look. They wear tight fitted tops or bras (usually white or black) with jeans unzipped so you can see their belly bump. It really is adorable and simple.

  • A happy medium between these two options, is leggings and a large blouse or sweater. This gives more a cozy vibe. If you are worried about dressing to formally this is a great way to still be cute but not too casual.

4. Best time to do your outdoor maternity photoshoot:

The best time to do you photoshoot is in your third trimester. This is usually between your 27th week up until the end of your pregnancy. Be mindful of your body. It is always better to do them a bit earlier than too late.

5. Make sure to get a range of different shots:

Make sure your photographer is not just taking the same shots over and over again. Here are four different angles your photographer should be capturing:

  • From up high

  • Straight on

  • Side view

  • Silhouette

Outdoor maternity photoshoot, husband kissing wife on the forehead

6. Practice Posing

At first this may sound intimidating and silly. But trust me, it’s actually super easy! Have you smiled as you look down and run your fingers over your belly? Perfect! Just begin noticing those little things you naturally do.

It can be helpful to stand in front of a mirror and try shifting your weight to one foot and then the other. Practicing makes perfect. That way when you come to the photoshoot day, you will feel more comfortable moving and posing.

Looking at Instagram and Pinterest can also be very helpful to spark ideas. Research different poses. Overall, the photographer will direct you, but it is always good to know what you like and dislike.

7. Don’t be afraid to take short breaks:

Outdoor Maternity Photoshoots are about 45 min to 1½ hours long. For some, that is a long time. Taking photos can be exhausting. Do not be afraid to ask for a small break. It is important to come hydrated. Bring snacks and water for the photoshoot. During the photoshoot, remember to not hold your breath and to always have a slight bend in your knees. This will help get regular blood flow to the head. If you feel unwell, at all, during the photoshoot, let the photographer know. If you feel like you can not go on with the photoshoot, it is okay to reschedule. Health comes first.

baby announcement, props for maternity photoshoot

8. Don't Forget Props:

Make sure you bring props to your photoshoot. An ultrasound photo and/or a a card/poster with the baby’s future name on it are great things to bring. You may also want to bring a fun headpiece, a blanket, bouquet of flowers, or a baby onesie to hold.

9. Camera settings:

If you are taking the photos yourself or are a photographer, these are the settings you will want to be at.

  • ISO: 100-400

  • Aperture: f/1.8- f/4 for maternity portraits, f/5.6-f/8 for family photos/ group shots

  • Shutter speed: Depends on speed and look of photo. For stationary it is good to be around 1/100 and for moving photos it should be around 1/1000

  • Camera lens: 50mm is your best go-to lens. For different shots though it is good to stay around 35mm-50mm. For super up close shots you may want a 70mm.

10. And don’t forget! Be yourself!:

It is okay to be silly and/or serious. You should feel encouraged to be yourself and show the excitement and anticipation for you new baby.

Congrats and good luck! :)

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