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Wedding Photographer Outfits: Ultimate Dress Code for Photographers

Utah wedding photographer
Makenzi Starr- Utah Photographer

The BEST wedding photographers outfits guide.

Ever walked into a party feeling under-dressed?

Embarrassing right?!

Finding the right outfit as a wedding photographer can bring similar feelings.

Don't you worry! Whether you are female, male, or other, I have got the best tips for you to feel comfortable at your next wedding.

Let's get started!


Wedding Photographer Outfits: General Tips


Tip 1: Be comfortable

As photographers, we move around a lot. Make sure you are able to bend over and squat easily. Short dresses or shorts are not professional looking but also make it difficult to move around comfortably.

In addition, make sure you have comfortable shoes. If they are squeak proof, that is better, especially for an indoor ceremony. Most likely, you will be on your feet all day. Tennis shoes, or cushioned flats work great. When it comes to shoes, worry less about style and more about support. Bad shoes can result in a bad back, which leads to an unhappy photographer. Invest in good shoes. You know what shoes you like, but if you need a reminder, here are some favorites.

photographer shoes


Tip 2: Wear Dark Solid Colors

Some photographers may say, "you do not always have to wear black."

However, black is usually always a safe color to wear. You can wear other solid colors, but try not to be flashy. That is your camera's job. You should look professional, clean, and presentable. NO flannel.

Again, short dresses and short shorts are not acceptable. Wedding guest do not want to see your bum hanging out at you squat down to get that perfect shot. It is not professional.

A solid color, or minimal print jumpsuit can be a great alternative. They are comfy, easy to move in, and you have no risk of showing a bum crack.

Jeans can be okay if paired with a nice blouse. Black jeans are usually best.

The goal is to be go unnoticed during the ceremony and reception, but respectable to look at when giving instructions for family photos.

Most professional photographers wear nice business pants with a black or dark blue top.

what to wear as a wedding photographer


Tip 3: Simple hairstyle

Hair should be out of the way so it does not snag on your camera straps. A bun or ponytail is great for long hair. For shorter hair, make it is is stylized a simple and clean way.

Your hair can be down, if you prefer. Make sure it is brushed and clean, so it does not knot/get tangled as easily.

And no beanies, unless it is a winter wedding where you will be outside for more than 1 hour.

A simple bandana is okay, if you feel like that helps keep the hair out of your face.

hairstyle for wedding photographers


Tip 4: Have a smile

No one likes a grumpy photographer. Have a smile and make light conversation with guests. Best photographers & videographers have the best smiles are are fun to be around!

Tell a few jokes and be happy to be there. If you are unhappy to be at a wedding, it is time to choose a different job.

Tell the bride and groom they look beautiful and have frequent communication with them. Before the ceremony starts, tell them it is going to be such a special day. Make sure you are near but not too close to them throughout the day. Have a balance of giving them their space and being there if they need anything.

utah wedding videographer
Taylor Jean Films


Tip 5: Overall, don't overthink it!

You know what professionalism looks like. Take your own style and run with it.

Good luck and see ya behind the lens!

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